First post!


For anyone that may not know, I’m Tori.

I have been thinking about making a blog or something like this for a while. I have, in the past tried to write down my life story, and it never comes out right. I feel like if I got my story written down, I would feel better, and hopefully, it would also help others along the way. I imagine many of the things I will talk about others have experienced too.

I have experienced many bad things in my life and encountered many bad people. I will change those people’s names when I write about them. I am not intentionally throwing shade or trying to hurt anyone with this or any future posts. My intention is to share my story and help myself and others in the process.

I was a child of divorce. I have been homeless. I have lived in several women’s shelters, and even a homeless shelter. I have been molested, and I have been abused both physically and emotionally. I have dealt with loss, and I have dealt with depression and anxiety.

And even though all those things have happened does NOT mean I haven’t experienced some beautiful things in my life also. I have been in love and am currently in love with my wonderful husband. I have loved. I have had fun. I have learned, lived, and I have given birth to an amazing child.

I fully believe I have had a good life. Not everything I have been through has been good; I wouldn’t change it for the world. Everything I have been through has made me who I am: a strong individual.

If you have any specific requests for anything let me know. I plan on trying to do at least one post per week. I haven’t decided if I want to do my story in chronological order or sporadically, so just enjoy the ride.

Much love,

Tori. ♥




One thought on “First post!

  1. i really hope this helps you to heal. if you need answers to anything you think i can help with, please let me know. if this helps you, maybe, just maybe i will pour my soul out and let the devil be damned. i just might learn how to deal with my own pain and grief.


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